Did You Know You Can Get Paid to Test Apps? Top 7 Platforms to Make Money While Testing Apps

The increase of mobile and web based apps has revolutionized the way business is being conducted nowadays. Each app is first tested extensively before it’s officially released for general use. Issues related to the usability as well as bug removal is a vital task before an app is launched. For this very purpose, developers require the aid of beta testers. Being a beta tester is an amazing way to earn some extra side income.

What is Required to Become an App Tester?

You will need a good quality microphone, a Smatphone, a computer, a webcam, and a PayPal account. You don’t need to be a tech savvy individual to qualify as an app tester. You simply need to exhibit interest in testing apps and ensure that you answer all the questions asked during the testing process in an unbiased manner.

What is Beta Testing?

Beta testing is a process for ironing out bugs and assessing the user friendliness of a new application, which could either be mobile or web based. The tests you perform depends on the requirements of the developer. These tests may last for as long as one hour or they could be as short as ten minutes.

The Testing Procedure:

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During the testing process, you are provided with a set of questions that you need to answer in a systematic manner. During the test, your eye movements, the actions performed by you onscreen as well as your facial reaction to a specific question is studied carefully by the developing team.

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You may also be asked to speak (on the microphone) your “personal opinion of the app”, “how can it be further improved”, “what are the advantages or disadvantages of using the app” or, “your final opinion on the app”. Your input is then gathered in a single file and analyzed. Revisions to the existing app (if deemed necessary by the developer) would be made according to your feedback.

The Earning Potential:

First and foremost, you need to qualify to become an app tester but you can’t qualify via a written examination. You need to fit into the app’s targeted audience. For example, your age, sex, educational qualification, and demographics can all be qualifying criteria. App testers usually get paid around $10 to $15 to test an app but some companies pay more than $100 for a single beta test. You need to remember that this is not a permanent job and that you won’t earn a fixed monthly income testing apps. Nonetheless, if you take the job seriously, you can generate hundreds of dollars monthly on a regular basis.

Top 7 Paid App Testing Platforms

1. UserTesting

One of the most popular app testing platforms is UserTesting. They pay you ten to fifteen dollars for every completed survey. To qualify for reviewing the apps, you need to pass a small test that takes approximately ten minutes to complete. On average, a survey takes less than twenty minutes to complete.

2. Upwork

Upwork is a platform where freelancers get together to complete a wide variety of projects posted by clients. App testing is a category included in the Upwork platform. You need to pass a basic app test, after which you can apply for app testing jobs and make up to $50 for each app review. Initially you will earn around $5 on an average for a single completed app-test.

3. UserLytics

UserLytics is a great platform where you simply need to sign-up and check your email for an invite. On this site, you do not need to pass a qualifying and earn ten dollars per test. All you need is a smartphone, a webcam and a Windows 7.0 or newer operating system. In case you use Apple devices, you would need a 10.6 X Leopard OS or newer.

4. Beta Family Platform

If you are interested in expressing your views on Android or iOS Apps, then you should check out Beta Family platform. Each test takes slightly less than an hour to complete and you get paid $10 for each completed test. In order to withdraw funds, you need to earn a minimum of $50.

5. TestBirds

TestBirds is a popular platform where a beginner level reviewer earns $10 per test. Advanced level reviewers can earn as much as $70 for a single beta test. For detecting bugs, you get additional benefits.

6. Ferpection

If you wish to make a steady $100 on a monthly basis, you should join Ferpection. On this site, you will be asked to review both mobile as well as website apps. You’ll receive monthly payments via PayPal if your earnings exceed $30 for the month.

7. Userfeel

If you wish to receive weekly payments and make in excess of $200 a month, you could try UserFeel. Just like Ferpection, UserFeel also includes both website and mobile app tests and pays $10 per review.

While testing apps won’t make you rich or help you quit your regular job, it can certainly help you generate a steady passive income. You simply need to show interest in testing apps and be attentive to grab all beta testing opportunities that come your way.

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