Get Paid to Lose Weight? You Heard That Right

It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Why on earth would somebody pay you to lose weight? Well, we wondered the same thing when we heard the rumors. So we sat down and did the research.

It would be amazing – shift those pesky pounds while also earning some cash on the side. However, in order to get paid to lose weight, you’ve got to be prepared to put in the hard yards. At the end of the day, the only person who can truly help you to lose weight is you.

There is a huge psychological aspect to weight loss. It takes a force of will, strong discipline and great organisational skills to carefully monitor how many calories you’re consuming.

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Momentary motivation simply isn’t enough. Research has shown that by February, the vast majority of people have given up on their New Years’ resolutions. One month – that’s as long as the average person lasts. It sounds pathetic, but we’ve all been there.

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Discipline is hard. If it wasn’t, everyone would have an amazing body. It takes hard work and effort. That’s why it’s so great that you can get paid to lose weight – it’s like the cherry on top of a hot new bod.

To make things even easier, we’ve identified three different apps that are designed to help people lose weight. The beauty of an app is that it doesn’t require anything new – you just download it, and off you go. The easier we can make it to lose weight, the more successful our efforts will be.

Take a look at these apps and give them a go – there’s something out there that works for everyone!

Diet Bet.

Diet Bet is a great platform. The team at Diet Bet seem genuinely invested in getting people to lose weight, with an online community designed to encourage people to support each other, amongst other features.

Diet Bet taps into the inner competitiveness of humans. The entire concept revolves around you betting that you can achieve your weight loss goal more effectively or faster than others.

There are two basic paths you can take with Diet Bet. The first is a four week transformation known as the Kickstarter. The aim of the Kickstarter is to lose 4% of your body weight during a four week challenge. The second option, the Transformer, requires you to lose 10% of your body weight over a six month period. This much longer period is designed to encourage permanent, lasting habits – hence, the “transformer”.

Everyone who participates in either challenge is required to put some money on the table. This makes it “real”, and acts as a psychological trick to help people realize that there genuinely is something to lose.

The money (usually around $25 to $35 from each user) goes into a pool. At the end of the challenge period, those who have achieved their goals get their money back – plus a little more. Losers (that is, people who failed to achieve their weight loss goal) forfeit their money, and it is distributed amongst those who were successful. On average, most people get about $5 extra back on top of their initial investment.

The best part is, Diet Bet has a “no-lose” policy, which guarantees your initial stake back if you reach your weight loss goal. If enough people succeed, Diet Bet forfeits their cut to ensure that everyone gets paid out.

Even better, you can compete in multiple Kickstarter or Transformer games at any given time – up to three of each type. This means that those of you with plenty of weight to lose can commit to a long term period of ditching the extra pounds while also making some side income (just don’t spend it on ice cream).

Signing up with Diet Bet is easy. Simply head to their website and fill out the form, and put in your submission via credit card or PayPal. It’s a popular platform, with former Biggest Loser winners and fitness bloggers regularly using it to encourage their clients and other users to lose weight as a team.

Worried about legitimacy? It seems like an easy system to cheat, however Diet Bet have taken significant steps to ensure weigh-ins are legitimate. A secret code word is allocated each day to ensure that the photo was taken recently (as the code word must be placed on the scales). Sometimes, a filmed weigh-in is also required.

Healthy Wage

Healthy Wage offers three methods for people to lose weight. The first involves signing up for yourself and making a Healthy Wager. To do this, you fill out your online profile and then submit a 30 second weigh-in video. You determine how much you want to lose and how long it will take you. The longer it takes you to achieve the weight loss (and remember, you also have to maintain it), the more you get paid!

The second option is the Team Challenge. This involves getting four or five friends and family together and taking on weight loss as a team. The teams all place their wager into a pool, competing against other teams. A Team Challenge lasts three months, with a $25 submission required each month (so, $75 total per team). At the end of the period, the top three teams receive prizes, sometimes in the thousands of dollars.

The Workplace Challenge is very similar to the Team Challenge, but involves you competing against workmates for weight loss goals.

Gym Pact

Gym Pact is a goal-setting app. Recognizing that most people struggle with weight loss due to a lack of real goals, Gym Pact sets out to make this easier.

You get to choose what your pacts are. Different options range from eating 15 serves of vegetables in a week, to go for a certain number of runs, or to hit the gym every day for a given period. You wager $5, and get charged the wager amount for each missed goal. For example, if you wager to run once a day for five days, and miss two days, you have to pay $10. This is a bit disproportionate to the payouts for a successful wager, which can be as low as 50 cents.

At the end of the day, the goal of all this is not money. It’s to get a healthier, better looking body. If you really want that, nothing will hold you back, and an extra $5 a week will mean nothing compared to the feeling of achievement when you reach your goal.

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