9 Side Jobs to Build Your Emergency Fund

You’ve probably heard it for years: experts who say that we should always have an emergency fund to cover unexpected costs, whatever those costs might be.

The trouble with this advice is that once you have finished your long day at work, how many of us want to put more hours into a side job to build up that emergency fund? Even if you did have the time and energy to do another job, how would you be able to fit the hours of your “extra” job around the hours of your primary job?

The truth is that thanks to the internet, there are plenty of opportunities for almost anyone to make enough money–sometimes significantly large amounts of money–to create an emergency fund…and it can be done from the comfort of your own home!

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These are just a few ideas to accomplish just that.

9 Side Jobs to Build Your Emergency Fund

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Post Loop

Have you ever wondered how when a new blog or website gets started they make it look like people are actively checking it out? They are probably using services such as Post Loop to make it look like many people are visiting them. After you register with Post Loop you check the board whenever you can for sites that need support. After you find them, you go to those sites and indicate that you have visited or post a comment. It’s that easy, and you get paid for it.

The Smart Crowd

If you have been looking for work at home jobs for a while, you have probably been warned about data entry scams. There are plenty of them out there. Fortunately, there are others such as The Smart Crowd that offer data entry and data clean-up jobs to those who want to work online.

Slice the Pie

Do you like listening to music? If you do, you could actually get paid for listening to music and providing your feedback to new artists. This is another one of those sites where the more you work the more you get paid. You are also providing a valuable service to new musicians who are looking for feedback on their music.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

If you think you will never be able to build an emergency fund pennies at a time, think again. With Amazon Mechanical Turk, it can be done, and if you concentrate and are meticulous with your organization, you can make good money.

Amazon Mechanical Turk provides countless opportunities for people to make money providing human intelligence tasks or, more to the point, head work to those who need it. Once you register at Amazon Mechanical Turk you can choose to do any number of tasks that pay anything from $0.01 to $20. Many companies use Amazon Mechanical Turk to have these jobs completed.


This site is much like Amazon Mechanical Turk in that companies use online workers to perform tasks. The difference of Clickworker is that the jobs are mostly batch jobs. You can’t pick and choose like you can with Amazon Mechanical Turk, but you can make more money per task with Clickworker.

Content Mills

Content mills are a generic term for article writing websites. There are many, but Textbroker is the granddaddy of them all. They don’t pay much, but most of them are honest and pay regularly. To get started, all you have to do is register, take a short test to see if you have a solid grasp on the English language, and after you are approved, you can get started. I would start with TextBroker and iWriter

Call Center QA

If you don’t mind using your telephone to make money, Call Center QA is an interesting service that does pay well for your time. Call Center QA connects mystery shoppers to businesses who want feedback on their telephone image. All you do is call specified business clients and report what happens. You are usually paid about $5 per 10-minute call. Then you report feedback.

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