6 Great Hobbies To Make Extra Money

The modern, globalized economy has opened up a huge number of opportunities for people to turn their pastimes into genuine incomes.

From knitting to creative writing, there is a broad range of hobbies that make money. For many people, monetizing their hobby can quickly turn into a full time job. They say to do what you love, and for these people, that dream actually came true.

You may not even realize that your hobby is worth money. There are some very creative ways to make money from the simple things you love doing.

1. Writing

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Writing is one of the big ones. There are new websites cropping up every day that give freelance writers a platform to sell their services to blogs, magazines, news websites, and more. If you can put together a well-structured, well-researched article, then you may well be able to make some good money off it.

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If blogging or journalism isn’t for you, how about creative writing? Many, many famous authors started out writing as a hobby. It’s the kind of job that you can only achieve success in if you’re truly passionate. If you love writing, try getting some money from it. Put your writing out there, and see what people think.

An easy way to sell your creative writing is via eBooks. You can self-publish and watch the passive income trickle in as people discover your book and buy it. The key to getting discovered is a catchy title, using terms that people search for, and a good cover design. Cover designs can be made cheaply by freelance designers, often for $5 or less.

2. Photography

Photography is one of the world’s most popular pastimes, yet very few people make a genuine effort to get paid for their work. If you’ve got a few years’ experience in photography and a good feel for what makes a good photograph, then you could be standing on a goldmine.

Wedding photographers are very well paid. Corporate events will often have a photographer present to record memories for the future, and the same applies to big birthday parties. If you build up a good portfolio, and maybe even a website, you can start to get a good series of clients. The key to a successful photography business is word of mouth. If you’re easy to work with and take great photos, people will happily mention your name in future.

If you don’t like the idea of working with clients, you can always try stock photography or simply selling prints of your photographs. If you live in an area with some unique wildlife, snap some good pictures and frame them – you can get some good money in tourist areas, especially if you limit the number of prints for each photograph.

3. Shopping

Seems a little unbelievable right? Shopping definitely seems like one of those hobbies that costs money, rather than making it.

However, you can definitely make money from shopping if you’re clever about it. You can scout out great deals, or even buy some items in bulk, and flip them online for a profit. A large number of people have built businesses out of this, using services like Fulfilment by Amazon, which allow you to ship to a single location but sell to a wide range of people.

Other services, like BookScouter, allow you to compare the costs of products instore with the cost of online. With BookScouter, you simply scan the unique ISBN code on a book and it will give you the online price of that book on multiple websites. A weekend at the secondhand store, scouring the shelves, can become very profitable if you’re buying books for $1 and selling them for upwards of $20.

eBay and OfferUp are a couple of services that allow you to flip goods. Simply buy them at a low cost, and sell them at a higher price online. Over time, you can get a good eye for which items will be profitable.

4. Crafting

Crafting has seen a renaissance recently. Websites such as Etsy have given rise to a whole new generation of creative types who are making money of their hobbies.

Some people make upwards of $10,000 per month selling their crafted goods online. If you’ve got an eye for design and are reasonably skilled at what you do, that could be you!

The key to pulling this off is creativity – find out what people like, and put your own spin on it. With time and experience, this hobby could quickly outpace your day job in terms of income.

There is a huge range of items that you can craft – scrap book covers, belts, legwarmers, and more. If you can make it, chances are it’s for sale online somewhere.

5. Walking

Walking is great for the mind and body. At the very least, everybody should be walking at least a few times a week. If you’re one of those people that loves to get out and breathe in the fresh air every morning or evening, then why not make some money off it?

Pet walking is big business. So many people are too busy with their careers and family to give their pets the proper amount of exercise that they need. If you don’t mind hanging out with some happy dogs for an hour or two, dog walking can be a good way to make some extra cash. The added bonus is that you get a bit of cardio in, and some time and space to clear your head.

6. Acting

There are multiple avenues to turn your thespian hobby into serious income. Doing voiceovers for translated television shows or films is a great option if you fancy yourself a good voice actor.

Alternatively, many local productions will pay for lead roles. Major film productions will pay for extras, and even feed you while you’re on set. The pay for these roles is not huge, but if it’s your dream to be in a film, why not get paid as well?

YouTube is a fantastic platform for rising actors. Many YouTubers have found immense fame and wealth through their acting on the video platform. If you’re entertaining and good at what you do, you can make some serious money – some YouTubers are multimillionaires!

There are loads of hobbies that make money. It’s simply a matter of finding someone who’s willing to pay for what you’re producing.

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