Make Money Selling on Etsy: Five Tips to Get You Started

If you’re creative and have a knack for creating unique handcrafts, you may be able to supplement your income by creating an Etsy store. Better yet, if you successfully learn how to market your Etsy store, you may even bring in enough money to quit your day job and work for yourself!

What is Etsy:

Etsy is an online marketplace that connects the talented creative types around the world with buyers who are looking for unique, high quality handcrafts. Examples of products which can be found on Etsy include jewelry, clothing, toys, art and home decor. So whether you are interested in selling handmade silver jewelry or selling your own brand of perfume, it’s worth setting up an Etsy store.

How to make money selling on Etsy:

1. Take clear photographs of each product that is up for sale

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Since your potential customers won’t be able to pick up and inspect the items that they’re interested in, they’ll have to rely on the photos you put up to give them a sense of what each product would look like in real life.

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It’s well worth making sure that your photos are well lit and that each product is placed in front of a neutral backdrop. After all, you don’t want a potential customer to be put off purchasing an item due to a messy backdrop.

Also make sure you take at least three clear photos of each product since your customers will want to see each product from a variety of angles. Lastly, take close up photos of each product since potential customers are highly unlikely to purchase a product if they can’t see it properly.

2. Make sure to price each product appropriately

If your products are too cheap, potential customers may assume that your products are low quality. On the other hand, if you charge too much for your products, you’ll find it hard to sell at a decent volume. If you’re unsure how to price your products, take a look at the stores which sell similar products and see what they are pricing them at.

3. Encourage your customers to leave reviews

Online shoppers are far more likely to purchase items from an Etsy store that has rave reviews than a new store that lacks reviews. One way to encourage your first batch of customers to leave a review is to send out orders with a hand written note or a card which invites your customers to leave a review in exchange for a percentage discount off their next order. You could also offer an extra 10% off for customers who add a photo to their review.

Another way to gain favor with your customers is to give them a surprise gift with their order. After all, everyone loves the surprise of receiving an unexpected gift. If you pack a small, inexpensive gift in each box, your customers will be far more likely to leave your store a rave review.

4. Offer regular discounts

Another way to get customers to keep coming back is to offer regular discounts. Discounts encourage potential buyers who have your items in their wish list to make an impulse purchase. Examples of occasions and events which are worthy of sales include Christmas, New Years, Black Friday and Easter. Also consider using a sale to celebrate your store’s first birthday or to celebrate your 100th sale!

5. Find unique ways to market your Etsy store

As an example, you may be interested in offering free products to bloggers and social media influencers who can feature your products in their social media posts. You can also create your own social media accounts where you can post photographs of your Etsy store’s newest products.

Another innovative way to market your Etsy store is to visit local craft markets where you can put up an Etsy banner with your store name. Make sure to place a business card with the web address of your Etsy store in each gift bag.

If you want to use your creativity in order to make a living, you should set up an Etsy store. After all, you’ll have limited costs and won’t have to pay for the lease of a physical brick and mortar style store.

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