What Are The Best Budgeting Apps? Our Top 7

One of the major challenges working adults face is keeping up with their finances. It’s easy to write a budget, but following it to the letter is a little more difficult. It becomes even more difficult if you have multiple bank accounts and one or more credit cards. Keeping track of how money is spent can be a tricky thing and more often than not, you might find that your spending doesn’t reflect what’s on the budget.

Thanks to technology, it’s now easy to keep track of all your finances using your smart phone. There are many apps that will help you keep track of every penny you spend or earn. If money management isn’t your strong suit, here are the 7 best budgeting apps to help you out.


This budgeting app was developed by MoneySuperMarket. One thing that makes it stand out is that it’s available for both Android and IOS devices.

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OnTrees will connect to many of the major US and UK banks. which means this app will make it easy to keep track of all finances going into and out of your account.

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It has a friendly user interface. One feature that makes it easy to use is the different categories which your spending is divided into. This makes it easy to know exactly how much you’ve spent on a particular category such as gas and groceries.

MoneySuperMarket has done a great job to ensure that the app is secure. It’s developed as read only to ensure that no one can access your account balances through it.


Intuit’s Mint is one of the popular budgeting apps and is also available for both Android and IOS devices. Like OnTrees, Mint provides a centralized platform linking all your different bank accounts and cards.

From the app, it’s possible to create a budget, keep track of credits and debits, pay bills and get information on how to manage your finances better. It also allows you to set reminders and alerts which make it easy to pay your bills on time. Another interesting feature that makes this one of the best budgeting apps is the free credit score checker.

Your data remains secure at all times through the 256 bit encryption level plus the 128 bit SSL that protects data exchanged between the app and your accounts and cards.


This free budgeting app is available for both IOS and Android platforms. As a budgeting app, Wally helps you to keep track of your income and expenses in a simple way. It has several features which make it stand out including exporting data to Excel spreadsheets and saving images of receipts.

Like Mint, Wally makes it possible to schedule payment or goal reminders. This comes in handy when you want to achieve a specific financial goal. It can also detect your location. This feature makes it easy to match a specific expenditure to a specific item. It’s worth noting that to date, Wally can only be accessed via the downloadable app although plans to make accessibility via browser are underway.

Level Money

Level Money from Capital One works in a similar fashion as Mint and OnTrees. It offers a single platform connecting all your bank accounts. Often viewed as a financial GPS, it will connect to over 18,000 financial institutions in the US alone.

This budgeting app gives you the power to keep track of all the financial transactions you make each day. This way, based on how much you’re earning and how much you spend (combined balance), you can easily predict how much you’re able to comfortably spend and save after clearing all your bills. This app is also available for IOS and Android devices.

You Need A Budget

YNAB as it’s commonly referred is a budgeting app that’s available for IOS, Android, desktop, Apple Watch and even Amazon’s Alexa. As a budgeting app, it has a selection of features that enable you keep track of your finances.

Like most apps on this list, YNAB will connect to your bank account allowing you to keep track of all debits and credits. You can easily update transactions on the go. This ensures that no transaction goes unaccounted for at the end of the month. It also includes a handy goal setting tool that doubles as a learning tool. What it does is offers tips on how to achieve a specific goal such as paying a debt or clearing bills comfortably based on how much you have in your accounts.

It’s worth noting that for the YNAB app to work, the desktop version must first be installed. Then you’ll need to sync both desktop and smart phone apps.


Envelope budgeting is one of the popular budgeting tools in most households. Goodbudget (formerly Easy Envelope Budget Aid) takes this concept and simplifies it in an app. This app will connect to your bank accounts allowing you to keep track of your account debits and credits. Based on the envelopes budgeting method and your account balance, you can easily set aside money for expenses. This will allow you to keep track of how much is actually spent from each envelope.

Another feature the makes Goodbudget stand out is the ability to sync with other people. This could be your partner or your children. This makes it easy for everyone to know just how money is being spent. Besides your Android or IOS device, you can access your Goodbudget profile via a computer. This makes it easy to download reports to an Excel spreadsheet for analysis.


This budgeting app is also based on the envelope budgeting method. Like many apps we’ve covered, it will connect to bank accounts and other accounts such as your credit and debit cards. This app includes many different features that make keeping track of expenses, creating a budget, and sharing data with family members easy.

The Mvelopes app takes budgeting to a whole different level by helping you plan on how to spend your finances. It also offers suggestions about how to get out of debt and clear bills. As far as keeping track of spending patterns goes, this app will provide details of the merchants you spend your money on as well as how much you’ve spent from a particular envelope.

The ability to capture receipts and update your budget in real time is another feature that makes this app stand out. Mvelopes is available for both Android and IOS devices.

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