5 Unique Ways To Come Up With Your Rent Payment

Paying your rent can be difficult if you don’t have a solid regular income or some unexpected bills come up. There are a lot of ways you can make some extra money fairly quickly if you think outside the box.

Here are our top 5 unique ways you can come up with your next rent payment.

1. Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

We all have things lying around our home which we bought on an impulse but don’t use or no longer need. And there are a ton of places online that you can easily sell these items to other people who really do need them.

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You can advertise your items for sale for free on Craigslist in your local area. People who are interested in buying will contact you and then you can set up a meeting with them to exchange your goods for their money.


Although Ebay is not free you can certainly make a great part-time income selling your unwanted items. When pricing your goods take into account the listing fee and commission that Ebay will take. Remember that people often look for bargains so don’t overprice or your items won’t sell.


This is an app which allows you to sell things like CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-rays, video games, cell phones, tablets, game consoles and iPods. All you need to do is take a photo and upload it. It takes less than 30 seconds.


Another app similar to Decluttr but you can sell almost anything else. Make sure that you read their guidelines for prohibited items though.

Once you’ve sold everything that you don’t need anymore, you could even visit garage sales or thrift stores to pick up some cheap items and sell them for a little profit. A lot of very successful people make a full time living from doing just this.

2. Get Crafty

If you’re the crafty type, you should consider making some fun items to sell on Etsy. Almost anything handmade can sell well if there is a demand for it. Test the waters by making just one or two items. If they sell fairly quickly, you’ve got a winner and possibly the start of a part-time business. Some of the hottest sellers include handmade soaps and essential oils.

3. Join Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Program

This program is a marketplace for tasks that machines can’t do. These tasks are called ‘Human Intelligence Tasks’ or HITs. Simple things like transcribing an audio, translating text from another language into another language or finding email addresses of specific companies.

You won’t make a fortune doing these tasks but if you’re diligent and have a few hours to spare each day, you could easily earn some spare cash.

4. Advertise Your Services on Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace for anything internet related, from creating graphics or logos to submitting press releases. So if you’re tech savvy and know your way around a computer and the internet in general you could make some good cash by offering your specialized services.

Many website owners and online marketers don’t have the time or skills to complete these tasks on their own so they come to fiverr to have someone else do it for them. You charge $5 for the basic service but you can also offer add-ons like a voice over for a short video for an extra fee.

5. Write Articles For Website Owners and Bloggers

If you’re good with words and fluent in the English language you can make extra money by writing articles for website owners who do not have the time to write their own.

There are content marketplaces such as iWriter, Hirewriters and Textbroker where you can offer your literary skills. You just sign up as a writer and pick the projects that you want to work on. With most of these marketplaces, you’ll start at a fairly low level but can work your way up to better paying assignments the more articles that you write.

Make sure that your spelling is excellent and your grammar is on point. Use Grammarly once you are finished writing the article to make sure there are no spelling and grammar errors.

You can also advertise your services on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Remember to tell your family and friends what you’re doing. They may not need your services but they might know someone who does!

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