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7 Small Business Opportunities Online

The internet has revolutionized many aspects of how we live our lives, from the way we keep in touch with friends and loved ones to the way we seek out knowledge and purchase goods. It stands to reason that with its distinct and undeniable prominence in our world, people would find a way to conduct business on it as well. The opportunities to start a small business that is run and housed completely online are endless, limited only by the imagination of the entrepreneur. Here are seven potentially lucrative businesses that can quickly and easily be started online with little to no out of pocket cost.

1. An Online Boutique

One of the easiest online startups with the potential to be very lucrative is the online boutique. Selling apparel like jewelry, shoes, handbags, and clothing is a great way to make money and doing so online cuts out the expense of needing to rent a retail space. Online shopping is a huge trend since most people find the process of buying online easy and convenient. Online shop owners have the option of selling used goods or buying new ones wholesale and with wholesalers moving their business online as well, doing this is easier than ever. With the ease of getting merchandise to sell and the numerous platforms that are in place to list the goods or create a website that sells them directly to consumers, an online boutique is a quick and relatively easy way to jump into owning a small business.

2. Graphic and Web Design

This is an ideal business opportunity for anyone looking to start an online business because of the demand for these services and the minimal startup costs. People with skills or even just a hobby in the fields of graphic design and/or web design can easily create a portfolio and present it on a website, then use social media and internet job boards to market the new business and build a clientele. With the rise in people wanting to conduct and promote businesses online and the fact that the internet is a highly visual place, people need graphics – including digital banners and images as well as print materials like flyers and business cards- and websites that are professional looking and eye catching.

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