Properly Managing Your Debt to Credit Ratio

Debt to credit ratio is the percentage of a consumer's gross income that goes toward paying debts. It shows how much you are using...

Should I File Bankruptcy? The Dreaded Question

Debt is something which unfortunately many of us will encounter throughout our lives. From the moment we enter the education system we begin to...




The Average Stock Market Return: It’s Not What You Think

Investing in stocks is not only helpful in saving money, but also making extra money on your investment. It's important to know how the market...

401k Vs. Roth IRA Vs. IRA: Battle of The Heavyweights

With underfunded retirement accounts, the government implemented several benefit plans in hopes of motivating more Americans to save and invest in their future. The first...

How To Apply For a Credit Card and Actually Get Approved

There is no doubt that credit cards are essential to building a solid credit history that will last for years to come. But getting approved for a...

How To Use A Credit Card Responsibly

Credit cards provide a very convenient way of managing cash flow and also have great rewards such as cash back and airline miles. However, a...

The Pros and Cons of a Joint Credit Card

If you and your spouse split most of your expenses, it might be a good idea to consider a joint credit card. This will...

What is a Good First Credit Card to Get?

Getting your first credit card can be a very exciting time, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. A credit card is essential to...
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